Friday, April 24, 2009

person-cuted. It's kinda like persecuted.

Why am I writing a blog on a Friday night? Also, my class is over, so why am I still writing on this thing at all?

Oh maybe because my brain is going to explode. I had the urge to send out a mass text today saying something along the lines of "please, anyone, help me from going crazy." Who do I think I am? George Bailey? Oh I would give anything for Clarence to come down and let me be his wing-gaining project. 

Life is a bitch sometimes. I have a good day, and then I have an awful day, and then I have a mediocre at best day. I was told that I am a dark person. Is this true? I just feel like me. Yeah sure, I have always liked going to funerals and I used to pretend to be an orphan or a persecuted Jew as a kid. Didn't everyone do that? I was normal otherwise. I spent most afternoons "playing school" in my basement. My classroom was complete with a chalkboard, a real school desk, and a projector. I dug holes in the garden and made rivers out of them. I knew so many facts about slavery! I ate pansies and hated crawling on my knees. I was your average wuss that later looks back on her life and realizes all the weird habits she used to have which continue to contribute to her supposed darkness. 

But hey, I never tortured animals.
I never lit things on fire.
I never rolled up cocoa powder and leaves in a napkin and made my friend smoke it. Ok...yeah I did. 

Childhood really does determine the type of adult a person becomes. I have a friend who grew up feeling no love from his family, who was forced to believe things he didn't want to, and was fed strange ideas. To this day, he still deals with the feelings he formed as a kid, and the hatred that he built up in his heart for his own gene pool. 

So we have a few solutions here. 1. don't have kids. 2. don't have kids unless you are mentally and economically prepared to do so. 3. don't have too many kids. 

Don't clone me. For the sake of humanity, please don't.