Monday, January 12, 2009

Moving up. Moving out.

So I finally branched out on my own and stepped/jumped/boogied on in to the world of adulthood. With a box of ramen noodles, a stick of butter, and some Life cereal I hope to survive for the time being. 

Our house has been christened as the Kokua Hut (the meaning is left up to your imagination). With four different estrogen packages, the house has a nice and diverse feel to it. Our landlord (dubbed the Captain) Bob Kirk is an interesting fellow, however. The first time I laid eyes on the king of over-explaining everything, I was greeted with a, "Just having fish problems!!" I'm still not sure why he felt the need to share that rather priceless piece of information with us, but it definitely left some sort of impression on me.

The Kokua Hut has just started its wonderful adventure. Today we even found the word "demon" carved into our knik-knack shelving unit. Thanks for the warm welcome, previous tenants. I bet it was the demon carver who also sent over a neighbor to ask us for a spare wire hanger, probably to jack our cars with. Oh how I can't wait to see where this road of my existence takes me. Three cheers for living on my own with awesome people! Hip-hip-hooray, son.

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