Monday, January 19, 2009

.hip to be cloned.

I don't understand the whole hipster scene. Where do all these jokers become acquainted and connected? Is there a new online social network called or that I have been cyber excluded from? Do I have to wear a feather in my hair to be cool? I feel so lost. Also I feel so young. 

19 is an age where you feel the exact same as you always have. I can buy myself a sweet Cuban cigar now and post a picture of it online, so everyone says, "oh look at her. How clever. She doesn't smoke but she posted a picture as if to say that she does. What a prank." Then maybe I could break into the Provo scene and live a brief and temporary existence of superiority. I feel like that is what happens with that whole group of people. They do something "unique" once and it earns them some glory for a period of time until someone else comes along with choppier hair and pointier shoes and a flashy scarf. Then you are just another face on center street and if you are lucky someone will remember you one day. But that conversation with a shout-out to you will be short-lived and the subject will quickly change to the latest Saddle Creek band emergence and you have sunk back into normalcy. 

Honestly I am just a little bitter as of right now because I'm sick of trying to compete in this strange college student unique-ness contest. I listen to Saddle Creek records, I care about fashion and being my own person, but I will never be one of those glorified hipsters because I don't have a female entourage. I can probably count the number of friends I have that are girls on one hand. I don't feel the need to have a group of cloned me's following me around and providing me with an escape and double dose of sex appeal. I feel like I can stand on my own and if I can't be noticed alone, then the lookers are losers and they can have all the clones they want.

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