Sunday, January 25, 2009

Chris Angel....MINDCRAMP!

Have you ever felt like all your creative juices have somehow been sucked from your soul and you are no longer an original being, but instead just a walking robotic shell of your full potential? It's weird and I know I just tried to sound extremely deep in explaining the matter, but that is exactly how I feel lately! It's as if everything that comes out of my mouth is just fluff. Just useless air dust that can penetrate nothing for the better or for the worse. Even my curse words seem to come out clean and my jokes are dry and unfulfilling (but not talented dry humor like my 7th grade math teacher, Mr. Schramm, championed.) I don't know what put me into this slump. I decided to set some goals though, that might help me in my quest for creativity. I'm not sure how these goals will help me, but I've always been quite the list-maker so somehow I feel like my metaphorical "dehydration" will be quenched with such a list. 

1. Make a quilt. (This frustrating process makes me feel accomplished)
2. Play my violin. (Theres something to be said about rosin-ing up a bow again. I'm not sure what that thing to be said is, however)
3. Learn ceramics (Make cooler stuff than that dumb mug I made up at Bennion Creek)
4. Write down my life stories (Because I am a grandmother)
5. Go somewhere new once a week (Stores, restaurants, people's houses, hallways, times, etc.)
6. Don' t drink soda for a month (That's just a test of my self control. Girl loves her coke. The liquid kind, not the powder substance, although equally addicting for me i'm sure)
7. Learn French (So Cardine and I can someday move to France and feel the power of travel)
8. Draw (Be a better artist. Creative juices flow with pencil and paper I believe)
9. Pose nude (Whoa. Don't ask how this is going to help)
10. Take a roadtrip (One of my favorite things to do. There are always stories to be told after)
11. Learn to cook (But don't become Kelli the culinary student/roommate with the no-tail kitten)
12. Cut my hair really short 
13. Get a new job
14. Eat organic foods 
15. Meet new people every day

If I could somehow imagine a cure for this state I am in, I would add curing this lack of mind cramping to the list as well. Maybe I just need someone to tell me that I am a unique person. Maybe I just need that sort of confirmation. Or perhaps I just need to occupy my free time better and do something useful instead of making lists and writing pointless blogs. 


  1. Its like you hit the ctrl+c of my brain and ctrl+v'd it here in your blog.


    hows that for geeky?

  2. Whoa there little Billy Nye. I'm glad you feel the same way. Maybe the Kokua Hut needs to have weekly flow periods where we feed off of each other's lack of inspiration and in turn become one another's inspirations.