Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh, bother.

There are so very many things that seem to bother me lately. I'm turning into a crusty old man at such a young age. If I was a golden girl I'd most definitely be Dorothy, and not because I look transgender, thank heavens. 
One thing that really rattles my chain is people who just feel the need to talk, no matter what situation they are in. For instance, a boy in my English class seems to ask questions just for the sake of hearing words exit his mouth, not to add to the lecture or gain insight. One day he blurted out, "Is that a juxtaposition?" Excuse me sir, that was completely irrelevant. Even if it was a juxtaposition, we don't need to discuss that. Cool you know big words though! "Is this blog a cornucopia of thoughts?" Look Big Guy, I can do it too.

Money is especially bothersome. I think I have a spending problem and I'm not really afraid to admit it. I just like to treat myself to things, whether it be Reese's Puff Cereal or a new pair of pants, I just have a hard time holding back. Plus amazing grant money is always shoving itself in my face saying, "Look I'm like a gift to you. Thank God your parents aren't wealthy and spend me."

Being forced to take pointless classes is always frustrating. I have learned nothing from my science class except that old professors find slightly dirty jokes to be worthy of a.) wasting a solid 15 minutes of class time and b.) a wrinkled thumbs up if it produces a silent chuckle from within. My ethics class consists of one of those "addicted to hearing my voice" men as mentioned above, and a student with a weird tick who is always involuntarily distracting me with his odd grunting noises. There's also the two girls who think that doing sign language is the perfect way to hide that fact they are communicating from across the aisle. But guess what girlfriends, just because you are "silently" talking doe
sn't mean that your hand motions are invisible to the naked eye and that your laughs are also muted. So, I rarely take anything from that class except the fact that my teacher talks weird because he is from Holland.

The cold has also been troubling me lately. I'm sick of scraping off my windshield because I always get home last and have to park under the trees out front where the sun never shines. I'm sick of all my jackets and I hate that the Kokua Hut has the oldest, most unreliable heater in the world. 

And lastly, why the hell would anyone go into Asian Studies as a major?

So with all this bitterness stewing inside of me I'll leave you with a message of love. I love fresh flowers. I love looking at art. I love listening to live music. And I love taking naps.  I also love the photoshop magic that Spencer mastered to make an image to put on a future blog page we are planning. Perhaps we have ourselves a business plan, folks.

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