Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hey life, quit giving me all these damn honorable mentions.

So here I sit again. Dumped for the second time in a month. Wrapped in crappy feelings and confusion and trying to forget the fact that if letting myself get attached, closely followed by my ass being handed to me on a platter was a sport, I'd get the gold.

But in life I seem to always get the silver medal. I'm a good person, but there's someone who is great. I'm cute, but there is someone that is gorgeous. I am fun to be around, but you'd rather fill your schedule with someone else.

Us mother Tuckers (it's my last name, you squares. Breathe.) seem to have issues with getting emotionally connected to people and then when things don't go our way it is devastating. I have decided that getting dumped because your pheremones aren't up to quality standards isn't half as bad as being dumped because an ex came knocking at the door. Plus #2 has become one of my closest friends, and we will still be friends but now I feel second best.

And why is it that when one thing goes wrong in my life, everything else joins in on the "lets beat Madelyn's self esteem to a nice JUICY pulp." Take my car battery for example. Ok car battery. You've worked fine for months and then all of a sudden when all I want to do is go home and climb in my snuggie (the blanket with sleeves!) you decide to be a total dill hole and get all loose and incapable of doing your duty. And why is my relationship life always going in circles? Where did scarf boy all of a sudden resurface? And why are we chatting about Disney movies?

Somebody hold a pillow over my head, please. Or at least get me some more candy corn.

All I want to do is talk to David right now and have anything go my way for once.

I'll end this with a positive note. I drew a picture of an elephant with a face for a body and called it elephace. Also, a man told me I provided excellent service. Whoa perves, calm down. I serve PIZZA for a living. Get your mind out of the gutter, and pick up mine for me while you're down there.

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  1. Madelyn. I love reading these.
    Maybe you and Kelli could start up a magazine together, or maybe do the calendar for the newspaper. I don't know...
    Plan. you have to text me to find's going to be huge.