Sunday, December 6, 2009

Obsession by that stupid Twilight lady writer

Well, Caroline asked me to start writing on here again, so here I am. This one is for you girlfriend! (Oh and for Hannah cause according to facebook, she loves my blogs.)

Lately I've had an obsession with cute animals. I'm pretty sure I am reverting into a child because I can't get enough of monkeys and puppies. If you were to present me with a tiny animal figurine (or anything small for that matter) I'd probably love you forever. And ever. I am infatuated with anything small. For instance, at Smiths there is this shitty, crunchy, mini-french bread bull shit that I only love to eat because I can call it "tiny bread" and I feel like a lady at a French tea party when I eat it.

Another thing I am obsessed with is crying. I don't know why I was born the most emotional person on the planet but it gets annoying. I think I suppressed a lot of feelings when I was a child and teenager while my mom was sick and I was forced to act like a grown up, so my emotions are making a come back like Micheal Jackson tried to, only I am alive and succeeding at being a freak. (Too soon? I can't believe I made an MJ joke. How cliche.) So now I cry at movie trailers, bodily functions, whenever I lose something, when I spill something on my clothes, when I see kids that look like me, and when I even think about my dad getting old. After a fit of crying I usually have to pee and then take a nap. I waste a lot of time crying, peeing, and napping. Thanks Ortho Tri Cycalin Lo. Or maybe I should just thank myself for not knowing how to not cry, or maybe I should just blame it all on my bulbous ET eyes I have been blessed with. Thanks God.

I'm also obsessed with trying to predict the future even when it is impossible,
thinking about the past,
and often times screwing up the present.
Oh and cussing.

Footnote: I feel like this last part just got super lame. Who do I think I am? Emo shit. Maybe I'll just go bite my pillow and have the most kick ass sob fest of all time! Right on! You bring the kegger and I'll cry you a new one! Hellz yeaaaaah bitttch!

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